Intern Recap - Tyler Howell

Working at AgCarolina has been a very fun and educational experience. My first two weeks were very hectic. With everything going on in the world my internship is cut very short but everything still needs to get done. There were so many crazy words and new things being thrown at me I would go home mentally drained. My head would hit the pillow after work and I would not wake up until the next morning. I have acquired a taste for coffee and that has been a lifesaver!

Through the chaos I have learned so much about financing and marketing. I have learned more in the past months at AgCarolina than I have in my four years of college and I am extremely grateful for this experience. I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me with open arms and answering any questions I have, no matter how basic they may be. I also appreciate the casual conversations about things going on in the world and including me in office banter. I knew AgCarolina was family-oriented but I could have never imagined it would be this great!

Preston Sutton, branch manager in Greenville, has been an amazing teacher I will miss the homework that pushed me to further expand my knowledge on history and events that took place to create the world that we live in today. I have also enjoyed working at the Williamston office with Austin and Tony. Everyone here is full of such great knowledge and experiences I wish I could stay longer. I am really excited to see how my EDA project will turn out. I plan on keeping tabs on that though its lifespan.

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