Master Blend Family Farms: The never-ending climb up

When looking for an example of a successful, young, beginning, and small farmer, a local Duplin County native is just such an example. Ron Simmons has gone from a local store manager to North Carolina A&T University Small Farmer of the Year. He has taken his personal passion of farming and helping others to a higher level than he could have ever imagined. With personal insight, advice, and support from some of the most influential swine producers, Ron advanced his own personal career to continue the legacy his father-in-law began years ago. His goal is to continue his legacy through his children for years to come.

Located in Kenansville, North Carolina, Ron is the founder and owner of Master Blend Family Farms, consisting of multiple farm locations with hogs on the ground, a food truck to further diversify his operation, and the ambition to broaden into the agritourism sector within the next few years. He also runs an on-farm store selling his pork products amongst other North Carolina made products. Ron emphasizes the importance of diversification to his operation, especially after the industry endured the pandemic in recent years.

Master Blend Farms main business model is to sell pork products directly to restaurants throughout North Carolina. Ron supplies some of the most well-known chefs in North Carolina with local pork products from his hogs on the ground, emphasizing his farm-to-table approach. Another component of his business includes his recent venture in making cured products, such as hams and smoked sausages. He sells these to other businesses while also being available at his on-farm store. Continuing to diversify, Ron’s most recent venture is his own food truck, putting the focus on farm-to-table meals. His food truck cranks out some of the tastiest barbeque Duplin County has to offer.

Ron lives by his personal mantra of “365-No days off. All gas, no brakes”; it is obvious he takes it to heart in all he does.

Ron will be one of the farmers participating in Farm Credit’s Young, Beginning and Small Farmer Produce Box this fall. The boxes will be sent directly to consumers and contain Ron’s local pork sausage as well as other locally sourced products from other farms. In addition, for each box sold, in partnership with AgCarolina Farm Credit, Cape Fear Farm Credit will match boxes sold to donate to families in need within eastern North Carolina. We are thankful to have farmers like Ron, who, like many others, care about their farming operations and hold a strong passion for serving their community and feeding others.  

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