From our intern - Katelyn Honeycutt

Release date: 8/1/2018

When I think about the career I will choose one day, I want to help people, specifically farmers. 

In my final month of the AgCarolina internship, I attended farm visits, new customer meetings, the lending staff meeting, and learned about servicing and restructuring loans. I worked closely with loan officers and member support specialists to learn the specifics of lending. The two other interns and I worked to finalize our projects during the month of July. We completed the equipment data sales project with a total of 2,500 entries. We worked with AgCarolina staff and AgFirst Farm Credit Bank to create the finalized materials for the “Preparing for Today, Planning for Tomorrow” Personal Finance Workshop. We will present our projects to the executive team and AgCarolina Board of Directors in August.

When I think about the career I will choose one day, I want to help people, specifically farmers. Throughout my internship with AgCarolina, I have truly seen the ways they serve the agricultural community in eastern North Carolina. Every member of AgCarolina works hard to support farmers and ranchers. I was heavily motivated during the internship because I knew my work was contributing to the agriculture industry. I have learned so much about myself and the skills I bring to the table throughout this internship. I have developed my self-discipline to accomplish tasks in a timely manner with a group of people. I have enjoyed collaborating with and learning from a variety of professionals during the duration of my internship. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve AgCarolina Farm Credit and North Carolina farmers, ranchers, and rural communities.

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