Roots Run Deep - Callie Copeland

I’ve never taken a class on it, never written a research paper on it, never studied it in a book, but I knew I’d mastered an art when I overheard my father say, “Callie can run a cuttin’ board better than anybody else I’ve ever moved hogs with.” There are some things about farming you don’t learn at school. Some things you learn from your roots.

My family’s roots run deep in the fertile soil of Tyner, NC.  The same Chowan County soil that raised me was gently rolled over by the plow my Granddaddy Buzz (Mr. Dorus Copeland) would hitch to the 1955 John Deere 40 above. 

My first job offer came when I was five years old. I jumped at the chance to follow in my family’s footsteps, even if the pay was a quarter an hour. My profit was in the experience my brother Sam and I earned working alongside my father tending to cattle, hogs, and produce. In a way, I suppose I never left that job. I am grateful a large part of my childhood was spent working with family because the memories and skills will be carried with me forever. Being involved in farming is part of my life. A career in the agriculture industry is my way of giving back to those that gave so much to me.

I started at AgCarolina as an intern and love my career with Farm Credit. Being a part of a team focused on doing their part to provide lending solutions to serve farm families and rural residents in North Carolina has been such a blessing.

I am grateful to my parents, Jeff and Jackie Copeland, for raising me in Chowan County and showing me what it means to be a true servant leader. Daddy is a retired extension agent and actively raises livestock. Mama is a retired teacher, the pianist at our church, and gives so much of herself to help us and others.

I am Callie Copeland and my #RootsRunDeep.

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