Roots Run Deep - Cara Pace Dunnavant

For over 100 years, the Pace family has set their roots in the Archer Lodge community of Johnston County.

“Historically, my family has grown row crops focusing on tobacco as many farm families have over the years in North Carolina.

In 2016, when facing rising development pressures and increased urban sprawl, we began making plans to diversify – adding u-pick strawberries which led to subscription produce boxes which led to many events held on the farm. While farming and serving others in agriculture might be deep in my roots, many new faces around our community are at least one generation removed from the farm. We decided to switch gears completely in 2018 to reintroduce folks to agriculture by focusing on produce and agritourism and saying goodbye to flue-cured tobacco.

We’ve had many ups and downs in our farm journey over the last 100 years, and for most of that journey Farm Credit has been along for the ride. Now, as a loan officer, I’m proud to work for a company that’s been serving farmers and rural residents as long as my family has been farming. You might say that Farm Credit is another part of our family.

My roots will always be in agriculture, just like Farm Credit’s and just like this old 140. They’re part of a greater tradition of pride in your work, going slow and steady one row at a time and caring for your land. That’s what our roots are about at Pace Family Farms and we always hope to help remind others of their roots with every visit.”

I’m Cara Pace Dunnavant, and my #RootsRunDeep.

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