Roots Run Deep - Crystal Sutton

That tractor was a gift from my dad to my first son, Trent, because he thinks every kid needs a tractor. I don’t think he’s wrong either. I grew up in Brown Summit (some folks call it Browns Summit) in Guilford County just a couple of miles from NC Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler. What I learned there was the value of hard work and that folks in agriculture were there for one another.

 I went off to NC State to study agriculture business management because professionally I wanted to be a part of the agriculture community. A group project changed my life. I was paired up with Brooks and we’re still together today living in rural Pitt County. Raising our family is the greatest crop we’ll ever raise but we are surely proud that we are raising them with an awareness and appreciation of the men and women who grow and produce all that we enjoy.

 AgCarolina Farm Credit became my work home almost 15 years ago. I’ve had many great role models of women in agriculture that have helped me to see that I can excel in this industry. Our members have an expectation of a high level of customer service and I am committed to doing my part to keep farmers farming.

 What I love most about my career with AgCarolina are the connections I have made with people in agriculture. I feel like my members know me and my family and I love being a small part of their family.

 I’m so thankful that dad bought that tractor for our children all those years ago. We use it in our garden and it is helping to teach my children the value of a good day’s work.

 I’m Crystal Sutton and my #RootsRunDeep.

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