Roots Run Deep - Lisa Lancaster

I married my sixth generation farmer when I was 19, still in college, working both a full-time and part-time job, knowing nothing about farm life. Both my parents worked outside of the home with a set work schedule. I was used to family gatherings with all of the family. We even went on family vacations once or twice each year.

I thought once I finished school and settled into my career that our home life would look a lot like what I had growing up. Mike didn’t know anything about that lifestyle. Mike knew farm life. Late nights working in the fields or on a piece of equipment. Weekend after weekend of nothing but farming. I went to family gatherings by myself and still went on family vacations leaving Mike at home to farm.

Then, Kaleb joined our family in 2002. Nothing changes you quite like having a child. I wanted Kaleb to know all of who he was. I would take him to ride on the tractors, we’d ride with Mike to check crops, and he’d accompany me many weekends to deliver lunch to the guys in the field working. We started taking vacations around the crop clock and I felt like I was a real farm wife.

The adjustment took some time and it’s not the easiest path, but I’ve learned more about me, my sixth generation farmer, and the only lifestyle he’s ever known. We’ve been married 22 trips around the sun and farm life feels like all I’ve ever known. I’m always grateful for the home I grew up in and I’m beyond thankful for Mike, Kaleb, and the life we’ve cultivated together as a farm family.

I’m Lisa Lancaster from Pinetops, and my Roots Run Deep.

Roots Run Deep is an AgCarolina campaign detailing the connections of our employees to their family farms and the agricultural community. 

Pictured (L-R): Kaleb, Lisa, and Mike Lancaster

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