Roots Run Deep - Taylor Ginn

“In the northwest corner of Lenoir County there’s a little place named La Grange, but the locals commonly refer to it as “LA”. Roots Run Deep in the rural farming community of La Grange, and they don’t get much deeper than the roots of the family behind T&G Farms. I’m lucky enough to know this personally - I’m Taylor Ginn, and I’ve been a loan officer in the LaGrange AgCarolina Farm Credit branch for almost a decade…but my roots in agriculture didn’t start there. 

I came home from first grade in 1994 to the sight of a massive green tractor in my Granddaddy Bill’s backyard. The local John Deere dealership delivered his “new to us” John Deere 4555, and at six years old I felt I should be the first in the family to drive it. I scaled the steps (which were much further apart back then it seems), opened the door, settled in the seat, embraced the steering wheel and began to imagine the way I’d wield a mighty disc or sit cockeyed tugging on a bottom plow and blowing black smoke out of the stack…just like my father did…just like my grandfather did. 

This tractor was more than a workhorse, more than just a shaking diesel engine…this tractor had a horn. Probably the most essential option to include on a tractor for a six year old boy. That horn got some use that day. I blew that horn until I almost killed the battery.

I got much, much more time in the cab of that 4555. A good number of the over 12,000 hours on it now were put there with my Granddaddy Bill at the helm. I’d be his wingman propped up beside him watching, listening, and learning.  He passed on to me a love of baseball and a passion for farming - both continue today.

My heroes have always been farmers. The resilience and faith a good farmer must possess is unmatched. They push through the hard times and thank the Lord for the good times. I am grateful for the opportunity to farm with my family still today, and I’m thankful my daughters will someday be able to scale those green steps and settle in right next to their grandfather...just like their dad did.

I’m Taylor Ginn and my #RootsRunDeep.”

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