Roots Run Deep - Tim Pace

The Great Depression hit farmers and family farms hard and my family’s farm was no exception. Despite all of the sweat, time, and tears my great-grandfather poured into farming, the poor economy of the early 30’s caused a financial crisis good land and good men couldn’t overcome. Suddenly, my family’s farm didn’t belong to our family any more. For many families the story ends here, but not this time…  My grandfather had the opportunity to buy the farm back and instead of turning his back on that farm in Wendell, he poured his heart into it, again.  Years passed as the soil was turned, crops planted, crops harvested, and prayers were sent. To make extra money on Saturday’s, he’d walk to town and work cutting hair in a barber shop to help make ends meet. Perseverance, faith, and hard work paid off on the day he was able to buy back the family farm. It remains in our family today.

When I see this photo, the first thing I see is the farm my grandfather was able to buy back. The next thing I see is the tractor. It’s the first big tractor my father ever bought back in 1972. That Massey Ferguson has been a workhorse over the years. Finally, I see the man beside me, my dad. He always wanted to farm and farm is what he did. He taught me so many lessons growing up on the farm I still apply today. He and my mom raised me and my two sisters to be there for one another and to appreciate those who farm for a living. They lived it and I’m more grateful by the day for their focus on faith, family, and farming.

I apply my experience every day as the Senior Vice President of Branch Lending with AgCarolina Farm Credit. My roots run deep because I’ve seen the difficulties a farmer can face and our Farm Credit team is here to help. Today’s farmer is more resourceful, resilient, adaptable, and a better manager than they’ve ever been before. I have faith the Lord will provide, I believe in the agriculture family, and I’m always thankful for the hardworking folks who make their living by farming.

I’m Tim Pace and my Roots Run Deep.  

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